Why Virtual Tours?

Visitors spend more time on virtual tour listings

A virtual tour gives the viewer almost the same experience as if they were standing there in person. That’s why the viewer spends 3-6X more time on virtual listings. The tour engages the viewer's interaction which is an amazing way to increase SEO (search engine optimization) scores. Google's algorithm pushes your website's presence to show up at the top of the listings.

Stand out from your competition

The quality of the experience says a lot. People tend to dread going out to places and having not only to spend time, but also the hassle of wearing masks and protective coverings. Virtual tours give the viewer a go-at-your-own-pace experience. They can see every inch before visiting and because you provide this experience, the viewer will already have a positive experience with your company before ever going in person.

Generate more leads and calls

Google research has shown that 3D virtual tours increase business traffic by 41% overall and 130% with people between 18 and 34. Clearly, the next generation prefer the online experience before coming to see you. Providing virtual tours is a small investment to make compared to the potential return. Your phone will ring more and you’ll be setting your company up to grow and compete into the future.

Showcase your space 24/7

With a virtual tour, you give the online viewer to visit anytime they want. Even if it’s the middle of the night, they can browse your location and “step inside” them for as long as they like. They may do it from their couch or while lying in bed. This is ease of use creates a positive experience and increase the likelihood that they visit in person.

Virtual tours are viewable on any device

Speaking of convenience, virtual tours viewable from any device. Whether someone is browsing on their smartphone during their lunch break or using a tablet while lounging on the couch, they’ll get the full virtual tour experience. This is especially true if they are using a VR headset. This means that your virtual tours are able to work for you constantly, always able to bring in new leads and sales.

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